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I saw a Jay Shetty video where he said, “Healthy things feel good after and unhealthy things feel good before.”

He is so correct. It may be working out or eating healthy foods. Always, good things come after hard work.

A month back even I started working out on our…

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As a writer, you want to write the best articles for your audience. Overtime, you realize that you need content writing tools that make your writing easy and save your valuable time.

If you are a writer you can’t do everything manually you need automated tools to help you every…

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As a writer, we can’t always rely on one platform. We all want to surf and get used to the competitive world. As every article I read about writing from top writers of Medium says, don’t put all eggs in one basket.

It means we need to look for other…

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When I started reading “The Kite Runner". I just can’t put the book down. It was so addictive that I wanted to know what happened to Amir, Hassan, and Baba (Amir’s father).

Amir is a rich Kabul merchant son and Hassan is the son of his father’s servant (a Hazara)…

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We all have different struggles in our life. And there was a time in my life when something very drastic happened to me and it disturbed me mentally.

Even though I used to laugh and smile around people but there was something bothering me all time. …

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In the beginning, you think your relationship needs a spark but I believe love is something that can be cultivated over time.

It needs the effort from both partners to make it strong and make each other fall in love. …

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It's going to be 4 years for my relationship this October.

It’s been a great ride with lots of ups and downs. When I enter this relationship, I already was disturbed by my past relationship so I actually wanted to go slow. And I told my partner everything that has…

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Research says that there are 2700 books published on daily basis and that’s why book reviewers are always in demand.

I guess every writer is an avid reader. So, why not get paid for what you like?

I believe the internet has immense opportunities to earn money. All you have…

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I met one woman, who is a daughter, wife, and mother, and she told me that there is one book that has changed her life. She suffered from thyroid and when she consulted a doctor he gave her two types of prescription:

  1. To take thyroid medicine for the lifetime
  2. Read…

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The programmer needs a break and programming memes is the way to happiness.

Programmer life is like a roller coaster. It has its highs and lows. So, if you have a bad day at work then laugh out at your memes. Little humor here and there will make your day.


Computer Engineer | Love to write | Family First | Lot to learn from life | Taking one step at a time

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